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Download “Rotad” for Windows [32 bit] (2020-11-15)
Download “Rotad” for Windows [64 bit] (2020-11-15)
Download “Rotad” for Linux [32 bit] (2020-11-15)
Download “Rotad” for Linux [64 bit] (2020-11-15)

More information about these downloads (checksums, …) and old program versions can be found here.

A little thank you?

The program is free of charge. But if you want to do me a favour, you could send me a postcard from your place of residence (my address can be found in the imprint). I cannot estimate how many people will use this program … but I imagine it will be nice to see where my program is being used.

And by the way: if someone actually wants to donate – just send me an email! ;-)

Contact: Christian Gärtner (  |  Imprint